• A Professional House Painter in Mesa is All About Service

  • A professional house painter in Mesa does far more than exterior and interior painting.  As he works with all things paint, he is in a sense, an artist.

    Specialty painting is a skill that a painting contractor can help you with | 866-802-0640

    Specialty painting is a skill that a painting contractor can help you with | 480-232-5474

    Specialty Painting in Mesa

    Let’s say you want a mural for your bedroom, but you don’t like wallpaper.  We don’t blame you.  Wallpaper gets bubbles, and can get stained from the surface underneath, and what’s more it is very difficult to replace easily.  But a painting contractor could easily paint you a mural that would be very easy to change in the future.  For example.  He could easily paint a wall green and paint some bamboo on it.  Or maybe he could paint each wall of the room you want to have interior painting done on a different color, or shades that play off each other.  There is a lot you can do with paint.

    Want a nice source of natural light?  Paint a wall that gets a lot of sunlight a bright shade of amber or white.  The light reflecting off it will help to give the room you are painting some ambiance. Want a cool way to create an unusual finish?  Use some stencils.  This ties into our wallpaper method above.  Another way you can give your walls some beautiful new looks is to sponge paint the surface.  With a bit of glaze in the right place and a color that doesn’t contrast sharply with the base color, you can get an amazing look that calls to mind stone or wood.  Another way to get some cool interplay on your colors is to strie your walls.  What’s strie?  Well, a house painter would apply a base coat on the wall, then a glaze of a different color on top.  While the paint is still wet, a painter can drag a brush across the surface letting the base color show through a bit.  Your wall can end up looking like a textured painting, a wall covering, or even a tapestry.  This is only part of what a professional painter in Mesa can do, but what is most impressive is actually the basics.

    Your Professional Painting Contractor in Mesa Knows About Preparation

    In movies it’s all about location, location, location.  In house painting, it’s all about prep, prep, prep.  Why are these words repeated?  They’re repeated to stress the importance of both terms.  Just as a movie can be ruined by picking the wrong location, a paint job can be ruined by someone who doesn’t know that prep work is more important than painting itself.  That’s

    During the prep process, the surface is smoothed down. Any gaps or bumps are smoothed over and the the primer is applied.  Primer helps the paint to stick to the surface.  Another thing a house painter is going to take into account is your paint finish.  For example, high gloss is more water resistant than a matte or flat finish.

    There’s a big difference between slapping some paint on yourself and hiring a Mesa house painter.

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