• Kitchen Cabinet Painting

  • We are your house painter and we can help you with more than just painting a room or an exterior wall. Did you know that we can help with specialty painting such as kitchen cabinet painting or banister painting as well?

  • Painting your kitchen cabinets can transform your kitchen for a fraction of the cost of remodeling your kitchen.  Your home should reflect your personality, and that includes your kitchen. Why should you be limited to only what colors you should pick for the walls?  Maybe go for a rich earth tone, or a vibrant orange, or even a cheery yellow.   And your professional house painter will be able to match your paint and your counter tops so they don't clash.  

  • Not necessarily. For example, do you know what you need to do to the wall surface that you want to put the mural on? In addition to all of the prep work that you have to do to the wall, what order does it go in? We know.  In fact as your professional specialty painter we will know exactly what you need to do for your specialty painting project and in the right order. And murals are only one example of the custom specialty painting that we can offer you.

    Let’s say you have a split level home. It’s always the details that can trip you up unless you hire us, your iPaintHomes painter. One detail that a lot of people don’t realize is that you want your railings to be a precise match to the trim on any room. Otherwise it looks jarring and is not aesthetically pleasing. Even something as simple as being a half a shade off could cause this effect. Or let’s say you have something like a ornately carved cornice. If you try to paint it yourself you run the risk of applying too little paint and making the cornice look spotty, or putting too much paint on the cornice and causing your cornice to lose the intricate carving. A key thing to think about when you call a us in is that you’re hiring a creative consultant, not just a contractor.

    The Inexpensive Kitchen Remodeling Trick

    Tired of those worn out kitchen cabinets? A fresh coat of paint can bring new life to any kitchen. Colors can be matched to existing decor or updated to match other updated kitchen colors.  The amount of prep work, the type of paint and final finish are options your iPaintHome painter can help you choose to meet your precise needs.

    Todays Paints & Finishes

    We are your specialty painter, which means we  can also paint your wall so it doesn’t even look like painted plaster. There are paint finishes that look pearlescent, some look like metal, some look like wood. We are a professional house painting service.  What does that mean?  Well, we can give your paint job an antique look with crackle paint. Crackle paint is actually a midcoat between two coats of different colors that causes the top layer of paint to “crack,” giving the surface an antique look. This is a job for your professional painter! Though the paints go on easily, getting the timing right between application of the midcoat and topcoat requires a bit of practice. A roller produces smaller cracks; a brush makes wider cracks, and we can do both of these easily. And still there are even more specialty paint jobs that we can do.

    If you wanted us to, we could paint your wall to look and feel like denim, or fine leather. Yes, really. That’s the difference that hiring a professional painter can do for your home interior painting project. We see your wall not just as a wall, but as a canvas to bring your artistic vision to life. We can even paint with acrylic if you’d like, and cover it with a protective glaze.

    You don’t have to have just a paint job. You can transform any room in your home to a work of art, and a showpiece. Find your iPaintHomes painter today and get a quality job at a competitive rate.