• How do you pick the right paint color for a room? It all depends on a lot of factors tied to you and your tastes.

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    Interior and Exterior House Painting | (480) 232-5474

    How to Choose the Right Color for Each Room

    Painting a room in your home is an inexpensive way of remodeling; however, just because it costs less, it doesn’t mean that something a simple as a change of color can’t have a dramatic effect on a room. Choosing the right paint color depends on what the room should convey.

    The right paint color can make a room seem alive and vibrant or it can make a room  relaxing and serene. Maybe you want a homey feeling or on the other end, you might want elegance and sophistication. The color you choose as well as your specific tastes are the keys here.   As to how to pick the color you want, remember these three elements of designing your space.

    Paint Color and  Design Elements

    First off, what do you find appealing? Maybe it’s the color of a tropical bay, or a woodland hike you once took. Why does it appeal to you? Is it just one color you like, or the interplay of colors? Are the colors bold or a softer hue? Once you answer these questions, you’ll have some more idea of what you want to see in your paint color or paint colors. Next, you have to think about what theme you’re going for, or the mood you want to convey. It’s usually not a good idea to paint a bedroom with bright reds and oranges, or you may find it tough to sleep. Finally take a look around your room. What’s your flooring like? Your floor anchors your room. Someone with neutral beige carpet has a different color palette to work with than someone with mahogany floors. An important thing to remember, your furniture is only one factor of your color scheme, not the center that everything ties to.

    Above all else, remember, that unlike some things in life, choosing color schemes is all about you. When in doubt, get a paint color sample and hold it up against the wall. Then you can decide which paint color is right for you.

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