• Don’t Forget to Paint Your Banisters (Hire a Local Painter in Chandler)

  • Do you know that there are over eight steps to paint your banisters in your home?

    shutterstock_539955991Why You Should Hire a House Painter in Chandler to Paint Your Banisters

    A house painter in Chandler is more than just someone that shows up to paint your home. He is a licensed painting contractor, and there is so much he knows about painting than you do.

    For example, a professional house painter knows all about exterior painting. He will know what paint to use, and what paint to avoid, whether or not to use primer, and the best way to paint stucco. In addition to exterior painting, he will know all about interior painting as well. Interior painting has a different list of criteria than painting the exterior of your home. A painting contractor can not only tell you what paint to use, what colors to use for accents and what finishes to use, he will know very well how to paint your banisters.

    How Hard Is It To Paint Your Banisters?

    As we covered above, there are eight steps. For your information, here are just four of the steps. Right after you protect any carpet near your stairwell:

    1. Clean your banister handrail with de-greaser as well as a strong cleaner.  Why?  well, your banisters are touched a lot, pretty much every single day.  Every time someone touches your banisters, they leave behind skin oil, sweat, dirt, which forms essentially people grease.  Over time, people grease accumulates. To clean your banister, scrub it thoroughly, than rinse the banister Follow all label directions and warnings on the cleaner you choose. Rinse the handrail with clean water to remove any leftover residue.
    2. Next, scrape your handrail  to remove any paint defects such as bubbles, chips, or loose paint.  You will want to sand your handrail too and fill any flaws or dents in the handrail with wood putty. Use your fingers to apply and smooth the putty. Don’t paint until the putty is dry.  A good way to tell is to allow the putty to dry overnight.
    3. Sand your banister again.  But this time you’re getting rid of any excess wood putty.
    4. You want to make sure that you cover your banister borders in painter’s tape where they meet the bottom of the handrail. If the handrail touches the wall, apply painter’s tape to the wall to protect the wall from paint. Spread a drop cloth along the stairs beneath the handrail.

    Banister Painting Isn’t As Easy As You Thought

    Banister painting isn’t as easy as you thought it was, is it? That’s why you want to find a professional house painter in Chandler to do it for you.

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