• A a professional house painter, I often get asked, which colors should I choose? Well, that depends on a number of things

    Hire a Exterior House Painter | (480) 232-5474

    Hire a Exterior House Painter | (480) 232-5474

    Exterior House Painting and Your HOA

    Like them or not, homeowners associations are all part and parcel to a great many housing tracts in the Phoenix area. To keep up property values, a homeowner has to agree to a lot of caveats such as what plants they can plant and what landscaping is and is not acceptable, whether or not any flags can be displayed, and even what color to paint a home. However, before you get too upset with a HOA, some of their rules make sense. With some colors after all, less is more, and there is no nice way to say it, but some people have rather questionable taste.

    The reason color wheels exist is to help you to avoid picking colors that clash with one another. Most people wouldn’t want to live next to a house that was painted with orange and green vertical stripes, or a bright magenta house with fluorescent lime green trim and a yellow roof. That’s where a house painter can help. A professional painter can look over your existing paint job as well as any rules that your HOA may have regarding exterior paint color schemes and pick an appropriate color, trim, and finish for your home. But what if you don’t live in a neighborhood with an HOA?

    Exterior Painting and Your Neighborhood

    There is still a real need for professional house painting even in an non-HOA neighborhood. Why? Well, you want your home to fit into the aesthetics of the rest of the neighborhood. The reason that a lot of paint colors are used repetitively in the southwest is the fact that there are certain colors you don’t want to use. Darker colors, for example, draw heat, and make your home a lot more expensive to cool down in the summer. With some color choices, less is more. if you paint your home lavender with purple trim, people are going to wonder when the clown car is going to pull out of the garage or carport. Pink and white belong in an ice cream parlor or at a tea party house that you can take your daughter to.

    So remember, you want to make sure that your home looks its best. Keep up your house and yard, and make sure that you have a paint job that adds to and doesn’t take away from your neighborhood. And to help with this, hire a exterior house painter

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