• Is it time to paint your home in Ahwatukee?  If so, there are a few things that you should know regarding your choice of colors.

    The first step to making sure that you don’t get into any trouble is to hire a house painter in Ahwatukee to paint your home, particularly if you live in a historic district, or are part of a block association or homeowner’s shutterstock_163305884association. You may not have too many options if you have a HOA or you live in a historical district, you may be limited in the colors that you can paint your home.

    Why Won’t My HOA Let Me Pick My Color?

    We often get asked: “Why won’t my HOA let me pick the color of my home?”  This question isn’t completely accurate.  Your Homeowner’s Association does give you some choice in the color of your home, but it has to fit into a narrow range of colors.  Why are they so limited?  Well, it has to do with property values.  There are some paints that look good in certain places, and some paints that don’t.

    If you have a beach house in Seal Beach, you can have a house that is Nantucket gray with white trim next to a bright yellow hippie themed shack with red trim.  And guess what? It works there. Beach cities are supposed to be eclectic and out of the ordinary.  However, most homes in HOAs are tract homes, and in the Southwest for example, a lot of them have terracotta or pink clay tile roofs.  Can you imagine a Spanish Olive Green house with a pink terracotta roof without wincing just a bit?  No?  Well Neither can we.  That’s one reason to hire an Ahwatukee painter.  To do his job, he has to have a good eye for shade.

    How Do I Paint My Home Myself?

    How do I paint my home myself?  We bet that’s what you’re asking right now.  Well you can, if…

    • You know the color choices available to you from your HOA if you have one, or city codes if you don’t.
    • You know all about the prep work for painting your home.
    • You have no problem being up a ladder or a scaffold for hours at a time
    • You have the right safety equipment.
    • You know the difference between exterior and interior paint.
    • You have a good budget for paint, primer, sprayers, replacement timber to replace any rotten wood, brushes, and caulking.

    These are just a few of the things you’re going to need if you want to paint your home yourself.

    Want our advice?  Contact a professional painting contractor in Ahwatukee instead.

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