• Exterior Painting

  • As a professional house painting contractor we know that there is so much more to painting than just grabbing a roller and some brushes.  There’s also a lot of preparation work as well.

  • First, we will remove as many items as we can before we open the paint can.  We will move planters, mailboxes, shutters, light fixtures, and more. We will also be sure to protect any bushes or items that can’t be removed  with drop cloths.  This is all part of us being a qualified Lavallette painting service.

  • We also put drop cloths under the areas you wish to paint. But that is just the beginning.  Any old paint will be removed and sanded clean. Next, we will be be sure to clean, repair and prime all surfaces to be painted before we begin to paint your home’s exterior.  This is the difference that a professional house painter can bring you.

  • Once the primer coat has dried and all preparations are complete, then we are ready to paint. We mix paint thoroughly before we start painting–and continue to stir it during use. First off we will start with the outside of the house.  We’ll either paint with a sprayer, a brush, or a roller, or more than likely a combination of all of the above.  For example, we will use a brush for corners, doors, and trim.  We even know that there is a trick to painting with a brush that you probably don’t know.

    An iPainthomes painter knows the way to load a paintbrush.  Most people make a critical mistake. They dunk the whole brush into the paint. We are professionals.  We only dip a third of the brush in and to tap a little to shake off any drops.

    When we apply your paint, we use long, smooth strokes with our paint brushes. This is crucial.  On some surfaces such as clapboard, paint congeals at the edge of the surface, not evenly.  Do you know what you should do with oil-based house paints?  We do as a professional painter in New Jersey.  In fact we may paint back and forth several times before we are satisfied.  We also know that latex paint is different. Latex paints require less brushing as they dry quickly.  If you try it, you may find that excessive brushing will leave brush marks in the paint film.  Applying paint with a roller works well with porous surfaces like masonry and stucco.

    Painting House Trim

    The trim will be the last area we will paint. We’ll start by painting your window sash and door paneling first, and then paint the window frames, sills, and door trim.

  • We Want To Be Your Painter

    Your time is valuable. Why not hire us? We are your professional painter to help you with your next painting project.

    Hiring us as your professional painting contractor takes the stress out of painting your home. We'll make it easy so give us a call today and let's talk about your important house painting project.