• Hire a Gilbert Painting Contractor Instead of Painting Your Home Yourself

  • Is it time to paint your home?  Then you want to hire someone who knows how to do it.

    A local painter knows all about the details of a professional paint job

    Why Hire a House Painter in Gilbert, AZ?

    Why hire a house painter in Gilbert? Well, do you like ladders?  No, then you are limited in what you can paint.  As to why you should consider painting your home, ever hear of “out with the old, in with the new?” Painting your home is all part of that idea. And a house painter is more than just a guy in overalls, he is a design professional.

    Want to add some drama to a room?  Paint a wall or two a brighter color in contrast to a darker one.  Another thing that bright colors do is make a room look larger. There are so many great ideas that a coat of paint can help make a reality.

    The problem is, trying to do it yourself can end disastrously. You never quite know what the end result of your endeavors is going to be, and if you change your mind halfway through your project you can’t back out of it. With the right house painter, you’re always able to take your time and get the colors that match with exactly the tone you’re aiming for.

    Don’t Live With Bad Color Choices:  Call a Gilbert Painter

    You bought some olive green paint, and some brick red.  You saw a picture of a row of villas in Portofino, Italy, and want to capture that Mediterranean look and feel for your home.  You think you did it right.  You used a color wheel, so you know that green and red, while very much the colors of Christmas, don’t work well together.  So you painted your master bedroom brick red and  your living room olive green.  Slight problem.  Now you can’t sleep.  Why?

    Red is one of the worst colors to paint a bedroom as red has a physiological effect of either stimulating physical activity, strong emotions, and even hunger.  It isn’t a coincidence that a lot of fast food businesses use red in their logos.  Ok, that explains the bedroom, but what about the living room?

    Every time you’re in the living room, you feel uneasy, or even jittery.  And no, your paint wasn’t haunted.  You look at your walls and realize something.  Your furniture and your painting clash with the olive green paint.   You’ve been aware of this on a subconscious level for weeks.

    Hiring a professional painter can help you to avoid this sort of problem and others.

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