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    Painting your Home Can Also Involve Texture

    Painting your Home Can Also Involve Texture

    Why You Should Call a House Painter to Come in Every Five Years

    Unfortunately, the paint on a home’s exterior doesn’t last forever. Normal aging, weather, and other elements can chip or dull the paint sooner rather than later. Careful maintenance on the homeowner’s part can help avoid expedited wear and tear. Still, a homeowner will have to repaint their home every few years. Nobody likes living in a house that features chipping paint and looks aged. A lackluster appearance on the outside makes passersby assume the inside looks similar. With a fresh coat of paint, any home can look brand new once again.

    What causes paint to fade and chip away? Countless things will cause paint to fade away or start chipping. For instance, the weather plays a huge role in this process. Homes that see constant rain or snow often wind up needing repainting more often. Even homes in areas with excessive dust can experience the same problem. On the other hand, simple damage from accidents and renovations might damage the paint. Using a low quality paint often leads to homeowners repainting their homes quite often, too. It’s hard to list everything that can damage paint here, but most things wear paint out.

    How and When to Paint Your Home

    How often should a homeowner repaint the exterior of their house?  Although paint comes with protective coatings, no exterior paint will last forever. Damage or wear can start to appear within a couple years of application. If a homeowner treats the paint along the way, then fading and other issues won’t appear for a few more years. Either way, most homes should be repainted every five to 10 years, depending upon the state of the property’s exterior. An individual might prefer to paint their property more often than that, and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. Paint for an entire house isn’t cheap, though.

    Who should handle the painting work?  We will cover more on this topic in our next article, but for now, know that far too many homeowners assume that painting the outside of a home is simple and straightforward. While it might seem simple enough at first, individuals often make mistakes doing it themselves. Typically, homeowners aren’t experienced painters and don’t know how to perform this work like trained contractors. A single mistake like choosing the wrong paint could cost thousands of dollars to fix later on. We will cover this more in a future article, for now though, know that an overwhelming majority of homeowners should leave this work to a local house painter each and every time to avoid costly errors.

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