• Hiring a Painter in Mesa: Reasons Why You Should

  • Sometimes people wonder “why should I hire a painter in the Mesa area?”  There are several reasons why you should.

    Hiring a Local Painter makes sense on so many levels

    Hiring a Local Painter makes sense on so many levels

    A Local Painter Keep the Money in Tucson

    A local painter is more than just a business, he is also a member of the community in Tucson.  Your money has incredible power.  The more money you give to a local business, the more money is pumped into the local economy.  If you give your money to a corporation, for every $5 you spend, only $0.50-$1.00 stays in the community. The rest goes to another state, or even worse, another country.

    However, for every three dollars you give to a Tucson based business such as a house painter in Mesa, $2.00 of it stays here.  However, there are other reasons why picking a local painter makes good sense.  First off, do you know what primer to use, or more accurately, which primer is best for Arizona’s extreme summers?  If you live in a HOA controlled neighborhood, which colors are allowed and which ones are not?  A local painter will know this.  Which probably leads you to ask another question

    How Do I Find a Painter in Mesa

    How you find a house painter is up to you.  However, there are several proven ways to find one.  First off, ask around.  Unless you’re a complete loner, you probably have friends and family.  Ask them if they have a painter that they recommend.  That’s the most trustworthy way.  Another way is to check your local Chamber of Commerce as well as your Better Business Bureau.  These methods are the most trusted and rightly so.  There are other methods, however, be cautious here.

    One way to hire a Mesa painter is to check a review site such as Yelp.  However, what you have to realize is that creating a review is fairly easy.  All you have to do is have an account on Yelp, and all you need to create that account is an email address.  Some disreputable companies even offer to write an overwhelmingly glowing review for a business for a fee.  But how do you spot these fake reviews?  First off, too much glowing praise, without specifics.  Reviews like “They did a great job!” or “Wonderful painters, very professional,” are often suspect particularly when there are large number of them.  One way that is a little more reliable is a social media platform such as Facebook.  Facebook has tightened their requirements, and they shut down a lot of spam accounts and fairly quickly.

    Ultimately, though, you want to meet with the painter himself.  That way you know you’ve found the right painter in the Mesa area.

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