• Part one of a series on hot paint colors for 2014 explores the colors and shades of the sea.

    Sea colors are among the hot paint colors for 2014  (480) 232-5474

    Sea colors are among the hot paint colors for 2014 (480) 232-5474

    Interior Paint Color Schemes

    We live in Arizona.  The nearest ocean is about 300 miles either to the south in Rocky Point, or to the sun drenched beaches of San Diego, Long Beach, or Los Angeles.  Spending time by the sea is peaceful and in our last article, we covered using a Southwestern motif.  However, what if you are tired of the desert, and would rather spend some time at the beach? Then you are in luck.  Sea colors are very big this year.  And like the Southwest, there is a wide range of colors available when you take your inspiration from the sea.

    Some people are skeptical of this.  The sea is blue, the sand is white.  However, there are so many other colors that you can get from the sea, or the beach.  There is the weathered gray of a teak pier or dock.  There is the vibrant white of a boat or hydrofoil above the deep blue of the open sea.  And as for the sea itself, look at how many colors  you can call on for your interior paint color scheme.  There is the deep veridian or the pale aqua of the ocean as it is near the shore.  Look at the space of time between the wave and see the slight pale blue-green that is almost white.  Look at the rich amber of seaweed, or the pale salmon color of a sea shell.  It used to be that sea motifs were confined to the bathrooms, however, you can paint with sea colors in so many more areas.

    Sea Color Motifs in The Living Room

    If you have a sunny window, here is a fun decorating tip.  Paint your walls a medium teal color, have simple white curtains, and paint your ceiling beams an off beige or off white color.  You can spend every day at the beach, without the cost of a beachfront property.  Or maybe the open sea is more your thing.  How about a deep, rich marine blue color with pure white accents, and maybe a jute wall hanging?

    The seaside is beautiful and a place of delight and peace.  Why not bring that to your home as well.  So get in touch with your house painting professional and see how you can bring the ocean home with you.

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