• Here are even more house painting FAQs.  

    Pick the Right Exterior Paint | (480) 232-5474

    Pick the Right Exterior Paint | (480) 232-5474

    What About Exterior Painting?

    How do I select my exterior paint color? Before you go to the hardware store to pick up your paint, you want to be aware of a few things.  First off is there anything like stained wood, stonework, or brick in place?  What color is the roof of your home?   Painting a home charcoal gray when your roof is pale pink ceramic tile will end up being an eyesore.

    You want to make sure all the colors work together.  You also have to be aware of the rules of your community if any.  Some housing tracts or communities have limits on what can be used for an external paint color.  If you don’t have any restrictions on what colors you can use, how you use colors will determine how your house looks as well.  If you use lighter colors, it will make a home that is small seem bigger, just as a darker color will make the house seem to be smaller and more intimate.  If your home is smaller another trick to make it appear larger is if you paint your trim the same color as the rest of the exterior.  Light colors are better in warm climates because they don’t absorb heat as much and last longer, while darker colors are better for cooler climates.  When you’re going to do the outside, you also want to make sure you get enough paint

    How Do You Know If You’ve Got Enough Paint?

    You need a clear idea of how much paint you will need. This is easier than you might think.  First off, calculate your surface area.  Now, divide it by the coverage rate of the paint you have.  It’s always better to have a bit more paint than you need rather than not enough.   You want about 2 quarts of point left over.  That way, if you need to touch up your paint later on you can.  Be aware that some types of paint are returnable if they’ve not been opened.  Paints that have been tinted, however, aren’t returnable.

    Another thing you want to take into account is the sort of surface that you’re painting.  A textured surface such as stucco is probably going to need more paint than a flat surface.  When in doubt, ask the advice of a professional house painter.


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