• House Painting: FAQs and Fun Facts

  • When you’re looking to paint your home, you probably have a lot of questions.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Professional House Painting

    Call a professional house painter in Gilbert | (480) 232-5474

    Call a professional house painter in Gilbert | (480) 232-5474

    How do I get an estimate to paint my home?  First off, you need to call a painter.  Once you’ve got them on the phone, they often do an on site estimate which should include your parts and labor.  The key to getting the correct amount on your estimate is to prepare beforehand by making of list of what needs to be painted.  Whether you need external house painting or you want to paint a room or rooms on the inside.  You want to have picked your colors and finishes as well as what budget you have to work with.   You also want to decide if you want to split up the job and do it all at once.

    What will a painter use to paint my home?  It depends on the job.  Walls, ceilings, and trims are usually painted with a combination of brushes and rolls.  Exterior paint is a combination of rollers and sprayers.

    How to Prepare for Internal Painting

    How do I prepare for internal painting?  Move anything fragile or breakable, or anything such as electronic equipment.  Make sure that all areas that need to be painted are accessible by the contractor.  Do you need to put down plastic tarps?  It depends on the job, and as a rule, we do that.  You want to make sure that you are present for the painter for any questions, and to make sure that the areas are unlocked and easy to get to.

    How fast does paint dry?  It depends on the paint.  Some paints dry in mere minutes, while others take a few hours.  You want to make sure that you don’t touch the paint for a day to be sure, however.  Particularly if you are using a low gloss finish.  So remember, that painting is more than just picking the color and the finish, it is knowing what to do before  you call a painting contractor.

    Painting your home is part of an old practice.  For more information, please click here.

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