• Part two of our series on interior house painting focuses on your home’s bedrooms.

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    What Color Should You Paint Your Bedroom | Call your House Painter

    What Color Should I Paint My Master Bedroom

    What color should I paint my master bedroom? We get that question a lot. The paint color is just the beginning.

    You also want to make sure you pick the right paint finish for your master bedroom as well. As we covered in one of our previous articles, the paint finish is as important if not more so than the color you choose. The higher the level of gloss, the easier it is to clean, however, it also increases the light reflection in a room. So a flat finish should be considered as the ideal finish for your master bedroom. After all, when you’re trying to sleep, you don’t need the reflections from your 48″ plasma TV’s LED lights to make an artificial starfield on the walls of your room. But if you’re thinking of color, you want to consider one thing. You will be using your master bedroom for sleeping.

    Do not use bright or garish colors in your bedroom unless you are putting it in as an accent wall or some other piece. The reason is the subconscious effect that color has. Painting your room a loud color can be potentially unsettling, and make for less than a restful sleep. And yes the same holds true for your kids.

    Painting Your Kids’ Rooms

    Here’s a little scenario for you to think about. Let’s say you have two kids, a boy and a girl. Your sixteen year old son wants to paint his room. He has picked a bright scarlet red for two walls, and a bright saffron orange for two other walls. As for the ceiling. That’s the best part: bright fluorescent lime-green. First off, calm down. Remember, paint isn’t permanent. However, unless you want a teenager that’s cranky every morning because he can’t sleep, you may want to nudge him towards something a little more sedate. And before he asks, no you won’t paint his room black and red either. Now your eleven year old daughter also wants to paint her room. She is picking a room color that will make her brother avoid her room even more than he already does: namely princess pink.
    While it is a good thing to encourage your children to develop their individuality, work with them as far as color is concerned.

    So remember, when you want to redo your home, one way that is time tested is a new paint job. And you want to make sure you call the right person to do it, namely a professional and experienced house painter in Gilbert, AZ.

    For more information be sure to read part one as well.

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