• Part one of our series on interior house painting focuses on the living room.

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    Professional House Painting | Pick your Paint Color

    What Color Should I Paint My Living Room?

    What color should you paint your living room? Well, that depends on a lot of factors. You may decide to paint the room in a solid color.

    According to the site This Old House though: “One way to go, however, is to use a complementary color scheme. Proving the rule that opposites attract, these pairings can always be found at opposite ends from each other on a paint color wheel. When put together, they bring out the best in each other, making both colors look cleaner and brighter than if either were mixed with, say, a neutral gray or a different shade of the same hue. An essential tool for paint pros everywhere, the color wheel is constructed to help you see the relationships between different hues. The bases are three primary colors: red, blue and yellow. These are then combined to make the three secondary colors: orange, green, and purple. Finally, the remaining six colors on the wheel are known as tertiary colors and are mixes of the secondary colors, including such hues as red-orange and blue-green. [READ MORE]

    How can you tell if a color will look good in a room?  A paint strip is no sure indicator.  It can look good in the store, however, the minute you slap it on a wall you not only have buyer’s remorse, you’re also stuck with several cans of paint.  A good way to tell is to paint a small section of wall, and look at it both in low light, and with the drapes wide open.  That way you get a fair assessment.

    Interior Painting: Some Final Thoughts

    Whenever you’re painting, you want to make sure that you not only get the color you’re looking for,  you also want the paint finish you want as well.  Where finishes are concerned, the higher the gloss, the easier it is to clean, however, some finishes don’t look good in some rooms of your home.  You always want to take into account what the room will look like when you’re done.

    Remember, you’re an individual.  You know better than anyone what sort of colors you like.  If you’re someone who likes gem tone colors such as ruby, magenta, topaz, and peridot, then earth tones such as sand, heather, and mahogany aren’t going to cut it.  And when you’re ready, call a house painter in your area.

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