• Interior Painting in Mesa: How to Bring a Room Alive With a New Coat of Paint

  • Interior painting in Mesa is one way to bring a room alive, particularly if you go with a new coat of paint.

    shutterstock_76062430Want to Redecorate a Room Without Spending a Fortune?  Paint It With Help From Your Mesa Painter

    There are several ways to give a room new life.  You can put in French windows or doors, maybe a skylight.  New flooring can also make a room look amazing.  Maybe install some travertine tile or some saltillo.  Recessed lighting makes a room look like a museum or an art gallery.  But what do all of these redecorating ideas have in common?  They cost a LOT of money to do.  French doors for example will set you back as much as $1300.  Recessed lighting about $700, and you don’t want to know how much travertine or saltillo is going to run.  So what do you do?  Give up?  Not at all. Why not paint your home with the help of a Mesa painter?

    A professional house painter will be able to, for a small amount of money comparably, paint a room in your home and give it a much needed facelift.  And it isn’t just paint finishes and colors that he can help you with.  He knows tricks to make a room show contrast.  Something as simple as painting a couple of walls a slightly darker or lighter shade of the paint color you’ve chosen can add depth and dimension to a room.  Another trick is to use natural light to your advantage.  Have a wall that gets a lot of sunlight?  You can paint that wall to partially reflect the sunlight into the room and give it a brighter look.  But that is just one way a house painter can help you remodel.

    Give Your Walls Some Texture With Specialty Paint

    Paint used to be kind of boring to be honest.  You picked a shade, you picked a finish and then that was it.  However, some paint nowadays not only comes in amazing colors it comes in different textures.  You can get a paint for example that feels exactly like leather or denim or even velvet.

    You can also get a paint that has sparkles in it for your daughter who loves princess stuff.  You can paint a mural in your son’s room who’s into sci-fi.  And all of this is accomplished simply by painting.  But it all makes sense if you give it some thought.  Michaelangelo painted a famous ceiling for the vatican, and street artists turn dilapidated walls into canvases.

    Think of the possibilities.  And how do you start?  You start by hiring a local painter in Mesa.

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