• Professional House Painters Gilbert AZ: What a Pro Can Do For You (Contd)

  • A professional knows a lot of painting tricks…

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    Professional Painting Tricks

    Here are some more painting tricks from a painting pro.

    Scrape the ridge on texture ceiling. If you are doing textured ceilings, one of the challenges that you will face is having paint (small amounts) extend to the ridge. Professionals do not have that with their work. Their simple secret is after they are done with the painting, just before the paint is wet, they do the scraping. Using a screwdriver or any other sharp object, they scrape away the paint that would have extended to the ridge. It does the magic. It is simpler than you think and gives you a perfect finish.

    Employ canvas as drop cloths.

    Most people use bed sheets or cotton materials as drop cloths. The problem is, the paint will seep through your floor if you use these materials. You will think that you will have covered your floor perfectly only to realize that there are some paint stains on the floor. Professionals will always use canvas. They know this shortcoming of cotton and that is why they avoid it. Canvas on the other hand will not allow paint to sip through. The floor will remain clean and that is why they make the work look easier.

    They do wall to wall. Professionals do one wall before they proceed to another. Look carefully, you will realize that professionals give all their attention to one wall and ensure that the surface is perfectly done before they move to the next wall. This technique enables them to focus on the surface one at a time rather than the house. It also makes them encouraged because they do not focus on how big the house is by trying to picture the whole job. This technique is good when doing painting on a house that is occupied.

    Professionals do not tape windows. To make their work easier, professionals do not tape windows. They would rather do the painting and let the paint spill on the window. They will then scrape the paint off. However, you will need a specific tool for this. You need something that will not cause scratches on the surface of the window. A razor blade will do the work.

    These are just a few tips on the difference between a professional painter and an amateur on how they do their painting. Following all these does not mean that you are now a professional but they point on how professionals make their work easier. You really should get a professional house painter to do the work for you.

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