• Professional House Painters in Chandler: Don’t Try This On Your Own

  • If it is time to paint your home, don’t try it on your own.

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    Paint Your Home: Hiring Professional House Painters

    Many homeowners attempt to sidestep the costs of hiring professional house painters by painting their homes on their own. While this is certainly an effective way to cut your upfront spending, it can actually prove far more expensive in the long run. New paint is one of the best forms of home improvement that you can invest in, especially when it’s put on right.

    Without a sufficient amount of painting experience, however, the end results will likely be a lot less impressive than you were hoping for. More importantly, there are a number of safety and liability issues that these projects commonly present. Following are some of the top reasons why hiring seasoned, industry experts is usually the best way to get this job done.

    House Painting and Riding the Learning Curve

    1. Not All Homes Are Easy To Paint

    When it comes to painting, a simple, boxed-shaped house on perfectly level land would be ideal, at least in terms of getting the job done and doing it right. Most houses, however, feature intricate designs that require people to lay paint while stretched and contorted in awkward and even unsafe positions. Moreover, the grade around most homes isn’t ideally flat and there can be walkouts with slopes that make it hard to get a stable and safe ladder placement as well as other obstacles such as fences, shrubs, vines, electrical wires, trees and decks. All of these things require project-appropriate equipment and the knowledge and skill that professional house painters possess.

    2. Lead And Other Safety Concerns

    If you intend to paint a home that was built before 1978, you’re probably going to come in contact with lead-based paint. In these instances, having professional house painters on the job is critical. Projects like these require skilled painters who know how to remove and handle lead paint correctly.

    3. Prep-Work Done Right

    Painting a home isn’t as easy as slapping a new coat on top of the existing one. Homes must be properly prepped if the new paint is going to adhere, look good and last throughout the years. Few homeowners consider this factor when planning to take these projects on. Overall, however, these jobs can be both labor-intensive and time-consuming. There can also be a number of issues that require special attention before painting can begin. These include wood rot, extensive peeling, mold or mildew, scaling, crumbling glaze, cracked window panes and trim with loose caulking. Issues like these can take several days to remedy and should only be handled by people who know how to resolve them properly.

    So remember, you want your money to go as far as you can.  So remember this when you’re trying to save money.  Sometimes, saving money is an illusion.  You may find that it is actually cheaper to save money by hiring a house painter in Chandler.

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