• Professional house painters¬†should be on your short list of professionals to call when you’re looking to remodel your home, either on the inside, or on the exterior of your home.

    Professional House Painting can make a room look new again

    Professional House Painting can make a room look new again

    Why Hire Professional Painters?

    Professional painters are very efficient and they have all the techniques to help them give you the best in the shortest time possible. They are very fast and as they are working it always looks very easy. Every painter has got his own technique to give the best, but there are some things that are common to pros and they will never tell you. When painting the interior of a house they will;
    Sand away blemishes
    A professional painter starts by smoothing the surface so as to end up with a perfect woodwork or painted wall. You will see the painter sanding the wall so as to have a smooth surface to start working on. Sanding helps to join the compound patches as well as flattening the ridges around the nail holes. Sanding also helps in removing rough spot and burrs in their work. He will always sand the wall from the bottom part going to the ceiling, and then he will start sanding horizontally from the ceiling down to the base of the wall.

    Professional Touches: Hiring a Painting Pro

    Application of primer
    After making sure that the wall is smooth as wanted, he will apply the joint compound as the second step to fill the small hole that might have been left while sanding. When the joint compound is applied he will apply the primer on top of the joining compound. The reason for this is to avoid the patches when final paint will be applied. Pros used the tinted primer rather than the white one that is similar to the final paint. The grey primer helps cover the existing paint hence making the final results awesome.
    Covering the unwanted parts using a tape
    A professional painter will cover all those areas that are not to be painted using a tape. He will press the tape using a petty knife to make sure that no paint will blend through as he will be painting. A professional painter uses the blue tape instead of the masking tape. Reason being when removing the masking tape there are some residues left on the area the tape had been applied. The blue tape can be left even for days or weeks and still peel off without leaving any residue behind.

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