• The right interior paint is one part of making your home an elegant residence.  Does paint really make that much of a difference?  In a word, yes.

    Hiring professional house painters in Mesa frees up your time | (480) 232-5474

    Hiring professional house painters in Mesa frees up your time | (480) 232-5474

    Interior House Painting and Transforming a Room

    It takes several elements working together to make a room look its very best.  If you decorate the right way, your room can be a living space that adds to the overall flow of the house.  If you decorate the wrong way, your room will be an eyesore. And even though you may say you love it, deep down your fingers are itching to make a change.  That’s where interior painting comes in.  Something as simple and affordable as a fresh coat of paint and a vibrant color change can make even regular visitors to your home do a double take.  Take a look at the colors of the Southwest for example.

    We know what you’re thinking.  When most people think of  southwestern colors, they automatically think back to the 1980’s with those garish pinks and turquoises.  However, the southwest is full of colors that you can use.  The deep russet red of a Navajo rug.  The saffron gold color of a California poppy.  The tans, browns and oranges of the desert cliffs.  The blue of a mountain lake.  the purple and magenta of the Superstition Mountains.  The olive green color of a Yucca plant.  All of these and more are all part of a color palette that you can use to redecorate your home.  When in doubt, ask your decorator or your professional house painter for tips.

    Is a New Paint Job All You Need to Redecorate?

    Is a new paint job all you need to redecorate?  What trips a lot of people up with painting is that paint is just one step.  You also want a nice finish on the paint to add both look and texture to the base color.  And remember, the paint is for the walls, the cabinetry and accent areas. If you don’t already have some, you will still need furniture, and other things to decorate your room, and add to its overall ambiance.

    There are several ways to redecorate.  New furniture is one.  Buying a few throw rugs and some plants is another.  But one of the best ways that you can redecorate is to hire a house painter in the Mesa area.

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