• Interior painting doesn’t have to be boring.  Sometimes, some painting tricks can totally transform your paint job into a classy project.  Such as adding metal finishes to your interior paint job.

    Get the right paint and paint finish

    Get the right paint and paint finish

    Painting Tip:  A Metal Finish

    Your painting contractor in Gilbert will be able to help you remodel your home with tips like this one from the Do It Yourself Network:


    The first step in applying a metallic glaze to a wall is to paint the wall with a base coat of interior latex paint in a color that will complement the glaze. Silver, copper and gold metallic glazes applied over a base coat of ivory give a look that’s streaky and lacks depth.

    A base coat close in color to the metallic glaze will complement it. Rich color results when a metallic silver glaze is applied over a gray base coat. A reddish-brown undercoat works well with a copper metallic glaze, and a dark-mustard base coat brings out the color in a gold metallic glaze finish.

    It’s tricky to apply metallic-finish paints without streaks. Do-it-yourselfers will get better results when using metallic glazes in small areas as accent colors. To glaze a large surface, apply the glaze with a spray gun or hire a professional to do the job.” [READ SOURCE]

    This is just one trick that a painting contractor can easily do. If you were to buy actual metal plates, your paint job would probably be very expensive, depending on the type of metal that you’re using of course.

    Another trick that you can do to a paint job is a crackle finish, which makes it look old fashioned and timeless.

    The Professional Painting Contractor Difference

    Can you do all this on your own? Yes and no. You can try to paint your home by yourself, but you have to know what you’re doing. You also have to know the answers to a bunch of questions. What type of paint are you using? Acrylic? Enamel? Both? What sort of paint finish do you want? Gloss, Semi-gloss or flat? The answers to these questions really matter, because it can effect everything from how your paint looks to how stain-resistant it is. So remember, your professional painting contractor can help you with everything from touch-ups to new paint jobs.

    When it’s time to paint, go for someone local. Local businesses help to keep money in the community. And a painting contractor in Gilbert is someone you can trust to remodel your home in a beautiful and affordable way.

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