• Special Effect Painting Tricks from a Gilbert House Painter

  • As your painting contractor in Gilbert, and as it is Halloween, how would you like to learn a few special effects?

    Painting your Home Can Also Involve Texture

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    Interior Painting Tricks

    Who said that interior painting has to be boring? First off, one thing that is a cheap, easy, and lovely way to decorate a room using paint is to use stencils and color washes. You can give your room a lovely accent piece by stenciling a floral pattern or maybe some lines of a lighter color. And don’t forget color washing.

    According to this article excerpt from Wikipedia:

    “A color wash is a popular technique in faux painting using paint thinned out with glaze to create a subtle wash of color over walls or other surfaces. Color washing is an easy and forgiving form of faux finishing often used by beginners, but perfected by professional finishers. It was historically created with oil-based products because of the long drying time, but today’s environmental and health conscious companies are producing user-friendly water based glazes. Color washing can be done in any color of paint and is generally applied with brushes over a solid paint color, using long sweeping strokes to meld the glaze colors together. [READ SOURCE ARTICLE]

    Here’s a fun painting tip for a family room or a kid’s room. Paint the ceiling to look like the sky. Maybe paint it to be sky blue with some clouds, or maybe paint all of the constellations and have the night sky. Does your painting surface have a lot of imperfections? The you might want to try fresco. If you’re curious, the ancient Romans did it, as did a lot of medieval churches. Not feeling much like DaVinci? Then you may want to use some contrast tricks

    Painting Tricks: Color and Contrast

    Color blocking is a cool trick. Have a wall that’s just kind of blah, such as in a hallway? Paint the wall a contrasting color to the end of the hallway. Another way to use color blocking is to use dramatic contrasts as well. And it is amazing how much something as simple as new paint can totally transform a room.  These are just some of the interior painting tricks you can play with.

    There is a lot of information out there regarding paint. When in doubt, don’t give up in frustration and confusion. Instead, get in touch with someone who can help you. Call someone with a design background, or better and probably cheaper yet, call a professional house painter in Gilbert AZ.

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