• Staff

  • Tim Rochford



    I love what I do… and you will too! I am 32 years old and living the “American Dream.” I started this business because of a deep desire to control my own future and I am having the time of my life. Each week, I have the opportunity to help 2 to 4 customers change their houses into beautiful homes just by adding a little color and applying a fresh coat of paint. The secret of my quick and surprising success is centered in what I call my “Happy Customer Experience” …leaving each customer smiling.

    I believe that having your home painted should be an affordable, positive and enjoyable experience! “My Happy Customer Experience” starts with your very first phone call and continues long after we have made your home beautiful. In fact, our customers are so pleased with their experience that many hire us again to paint other parts of their home and almost all of our customers tell their friends and family about us.

    When it comes to have your home painted, you have a choice…

    • Cheap or Affordable
    • Negative Experience or Positive Experience
    • Hassle or Enjoyable Experience
    • Unpredictable or “Positively Predictable”
    • Paint-n-Run or Always just a phone call away