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    Call a professional house painter in Gilbert | (480) 232-5474

    Paint Colors:  Interior Painting Made Easy

    If you are going to paint a room in your home, both the walls and the ceilings should always be the same exact color.  Right?  Wrong.  For example, painting your ceiling a darker shade of the same color gives your room the illusion of more space.  Another trick that you can do is to paint a wall that gets a lot of sunlight a brighter color to add a more cheery touch to your space.  And what about weird angles?  A lot of homes have them.  Painting that wall a solid color will help to delineate that section, and give your room a nice flow.  You also want to vary your paint finish depending on your walls and trim

    Painting your walls and your trim the same color is a fairly new painting trick, but it also has the advantage of allowing you to differentiate your paint finish.  Paint your walls in flat, and your trim in semi-gloss or gloss paint.  Paint is a truly wondrous way of redecorating, particularly if you know the tricks.

    Tricks with Paint

    For example, if you want a room to seem larger, paint the ceiling a lighter shade of your wall color.  Lighter colors give the illusion of expanding space, while darker colors make larger spaces seem more intimate and cozy.  Another thing that is really popular is to paint your walls different colors for a vibrant and alive feel.  Paint is more than just decorative however, it also helps to coat your plaster and other building materials with a protective coating as well.  Why do you think they paint bridges and ships?  Paint helps to keep metal from oxidizing.  Obviously this is more important for exterior paint, but the principles hold true for internal paint as well.

    So remember, that we live in a world with millions of colors.  As such, why not play around with these colors.  You don’t have to things the way that they’ve always been done.  You can be an artist if you like.  For your home is one of the best ways to show the world who and what you are.  And calling a house painter in Gilbert is a good way to begin.

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