• Tips from Your Gilbert House Painter (Contd)

  • Painting your home doesn’t have to be dull.  Sometimes, there are a lot of tricks that you can do with paint to give people the impression that you want, not just what is actually there.

    Exterior House Painting Gilbert | (480) 232-5474

    Exterior House Painting Gilbert | (480) 232-5474

    Exterior House Painting in Gilbert:  How Often Should You Paint?

    You can have the most beautiful interiors of your home.  Elegant decorations, beautiful furnishings, and everywhere one would look they’d see panache and style.  However, if the outside of your home hasn’t been touched by a paintbrush in a few years, it may be time.  How often should you paint?  A good timeline is every three to six years.  In Arizona, while we don’t have as much of a problem with rain damage or water obviously, we do have a problem with paint that is sun-faded.  Exposure to the sun is a big thing in Arizona, after all.  It is sunny 80-90% of the year.  Sun exposure can have a bleaching effect on paint.  Bright vibrant red fades to washed out pink in just a couple of years.  Don’t believe us?  Go look at older pictures of the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, and then look at newer ones.  The original paint job was black for the hull of the ship, white for the midsection, and bright red with black piping for the smokestacks.  Now, however, black has changed to charcoal gray, and red is now reddish pink.  So if that happens in Long Beach, what about here in Phoenix?

    By simply painting your home every three years or so, you improve its appearance dramatically.  It can even look like you put a new home in the spot where your old home used to sit.  And yes, we’re not exaggerating here.  New paint really is that much of a change. But what about if you have a HOA?

    Exterior House Painting:  Stay Good with Your Homeowner’s Association

    Some HOAs require you to paint your home periodically to keep your home’s appearance up.  You want to make sure you are not painting your home a color that isn’t part of their recommended list.  Otherwise, you may have to re paint later on.  One thing that a lot of people don’t think of is painting their doors and trims.  Even something as simple as that makes a wonderful impression on your community. We’ll cover more of this later, however, for the moment, know that the Old World has a touch of history to add where door paint is concerned

    So remember.  Your home is made of interiors and exteriors.  So paint your home’s exteriors as well as the rooms of your home. Call your house painter in Gilbert to start.

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