• Continuing on our topic, here are some more painting tips from your local house painter.

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    Painting Tips from The Old World

    Areas that are often overlooked with homes are the doors and window trim.  For this painting tip, it’s a good idea to go on a bit of a field trip to Europe.  Why Europe?  Because in Europe, they always paint their doors and windowsills to either complement each other or match one another.  And colors have a lot to say.

    As we covered in our last article, you want to think about your door as well.  A red door sends a “welcome” message to  the world. Red is vibrant, and you can find red doors all over Europe.  They look good on a posh London townhouse, on a villa in Barcelona, or a sleepy farmhouse in Marseilles.  Ireland has them too.  But another color that may or may not surprise you that is really popular as a front door color in Ireland is emerald green.  The use of color always sends a message, but sometimes, some colors convey a contrary message. Black for example is often regarded as a grim color, but it may surprise you. A black door with polished brass fittings or maybe a window at the top doesn’t say “spooky” it says “elegant.” If you match your window trim to your door, it ties your home together aesthetically. Do all door colors go well everywhere? Of course not. The color of your door and/or window trim should never detract from the rest of your home or clash. If your home is painted in earth tones, adding purple doors and trims will cause most people to wince. Going the other way to bright oranges yellows and reds will make people think that you’re opening a fast food restaurant. When in doubt, ask your local painter for advice. Most of the time, these professionals will have a great eye for color and where and how to use it.

    Painting Tips for The Outside of Your Home

    Remember, that when you’re dealing with exterior house painting, less is more. Unlike your home’s interior where you can play with color a lot more, if you paint too many colors on the outside of your home, most people are going to think it will be too garish. A good rule of thumb is 2, maybe 3 colors, all of which should complement one another.

    So remember, when you want a new paint job for your home, you should consider painting both your home’s outside as well as its interiors. And make sure you call a professional house painter.

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