• Why Homeowners Should Call A Professional Tempe House Painting Service

  • Painting your home is one thing that should be done right because you will be living there and staring at a good paint job or painting horror every day.   A painting job  that’s well done will be appreciated but a bad painting job will make you cringe every time you look up at those walls.

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    Why Not Paint Your Home on Your Own?

    Why not paint your home on your own?  As a homeowner, you have probably thought you could do your own painting just as well as a professional with the help of your friends or kids. This idea is usually born of the misguided notion that painting is a very easy job that anyone can do and that it is simply  about applying paint letting it dry.

    What a lot of people fail to realize is that painting involves a lot of skill to achieve professional results. Unless you are a professional house painter yourself, you will discover why you should have hired a house painting company, particularly when the paint starts peeling, paint cracks appear, or you get snide comments from your friends and family. You also have to have a LOT of knowledge for house painting.

    What You Need to Know About House Painting in Tempe

    First off, do you know what type of paint to use to paint the outside of your home?  Is it the same as paint that you use for interior surfaces.  We’ll give you a clue, no, it’s not.  Exterior paint has a different list of attributes than interior paint does, such as waterproofing and weatherproofing agents.

    UV exposure can bleach paint, and wind and grit can erode the paint surface just as much as water can.  Can you paint your home any color you wish?  Not always, no.  For example, a great many homeowner’s associations restrict the colors that you can use for external paint job to a narrow ranges of whites, beiges, tans, and other earth tones.  In addition, some cities across the US, in order to keep the city looking uniform restrict the color choices as well.  Santa Barbara is a big example of this.  You could end up painting your home and having to paint it again because you’ve been cited by the city or your HOA.  So, as you see, there’s a lot more to a painting project than you might think.

    So, don’t take any risks.  Hire a professional Tempe painter to help paint the outside or the inside of your home.

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