• Your Gilbert Painter: Professional Touches (Contd.)

  • With any house painting project, planning is key.

    As we covered previously, a professional house painter in Gilbert knows to plan ahead when painting. This includes the weather, the quality of paint selected, and so much more.

    shutterstock_67424323What You Need to Know to Paint Your Home in Gilbert

    In addition to wood trim that isn’t dry, it’s not possible to paint rotten wood and siding. Painting rotten wood and siding is rather like arranging the deck chairs on the titanic. The situation with your wood and siding won’t be fixed with a bit of paint. In fact, it will do nothing but to continue to deteriorate. If you have rotten wood or siding, you have a couple of options. you can either replace the siding and wood trim, or if the damage is minimal, use a wood hardener and match with an exterior filler product, such as a wood filler. Be sure to prep and sand either one prior to painting. This is just one step that a professional house painter in Gilbert will do as part of the prep work in painting.

    Prep work is even more important than painting itself. And part of that prep work is applying a coat of primer. In the old days, it was about putting down a coat of primer, sanding it, then applying the paint itself, but technologies have changed. New paint technologies have combined primer and paint into one product, which manufacturers assert will cut down on the number of coats you will have to apply. This newer paint is more expensive, but may be actually be cheaper if you factor in having to buy separate things of primer and paint. Your Gilbert painter should know about these new paints if he’s a pro and may be able to recommend particular brands to paint your home with.

    House Painting in Gilbert: How to Get Better Results

    Instead of having a dozen or so cans of paint of the same color, it’s actually a better idea to mix all of your cans of the same color into a five gallon bucket. Just taking this simple step will make your home’s paint job a lot more uniform. This is called boxing the paint, and is a technique a professional house painter in Gilbert will know.

    Why does this step matter? Well if you underestimated the amount of paint necessary, putting it in a five gallon container will make sure you have enough for your paint job. This also helps to cut down on waste, and wasted paint is a bad thing. Your Gilbert painter knows a lot of tricks to help you achieve your goals with a good paint job.

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