• Your Gilbert Painter: Professional Touches

  • What separates a professional house painter in Gilbert from an amateur? Why all of the extra tricks and techniques that he has up his sleeve.

    Exterior Painting in Gilbert: Some Tips To Know

    shutterstock_80967349When people think of painting know how, they automatically think of painting inside a home. However exterior painting needs a bit of know how. It’s not just knowing what size ladder you’re going to need or what size scaffold. For example,

    A Gilbert house painter knows to plan ahead when painting. Did you know for example that the weather can determine when you should paint the outside of your home? The seasons always bring their own local weather patterns. It is always best to paint when it is a drier time as paint will not stick to surfaces with moisture on them, so skip painting when it is humid or there are chances of showers. However, it’s not just the weather that is a factor in painting, there is also the quality level of the paint involved.

    Get the Best Paint Job With Your Gilbert Painter

    If you use better quality paint you actually save money. We’ve seen a lot of homeowners that will go cheap on the paint, and then call us well before the typical five year time frame and have us have to paint the home. Better quality paint means you will paint fewer times over the years, and you’ll get better coverage when you do paint. So shell out a few more bucks, get the better paint and paint a lot less. You may be tempted to go with a cheaper brand, but you’re bound to have trouble and eventually pay more in the long run. Paint has dramatically improved in the past few years, with colors guaranteed to last longer than ever before thanks to new technologies.

    That means your paint job will weather more, and not be as prone to sun, wind, or water damage. Just as is the case with interior painting in Gilbert, a lot of the work involved in house painting involves prep work Paint doesn’t stick to dirty or rough surfaces, so cleaning both the siding and trim is key. Always clean these areas completely and thoroughly, allow them to dry, and then sand them. You want to make sure that any peeling or flaking paint is removed, or otherwise it will cause problems with your new paint job. As you see, there’s a lot more to do with house painting in Gilbert than you might think.

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