• How do you remodel your home? Does it require you to spend thousands of dollars and require a lot of downtime for a room?  Well, it can, however, there are a lot of other ways to give your home a new look without breaking the bank

    shutterstock_163305884How Interior Painting in Mesa Can Remake a Room

    Let’s say your living room is drab.  You read in a magazine that brown is a great color choice, and it was…five years ago, which is the date of the magazine that you got it from and just painted.  That isn’t to say that brown has gone out of style, but when you consider that a professional painting contractor in Mesa can not only paint your living room, but he can also do tricks with paints that are nothing short of miraculous.

    For example, if you want a classic Victorian or Steampunk look for a room, a house painter can simulate wallpaper, but without all of the troublesome application time that wallpaper has.  Instead, he can paint your walls to look like wallpaper that Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Watson would be happy to call his parlor or den.  But that’s not all a Mesa painter can do for you.

    Mesa House Painters Know All About Industry Trends

    A lot of professional painters in Mesa know all about industry trends including new technologies in paint.  There are some paints that can simulate the feel of velvet, denim, or even leather.  And even without getting fancy, a new paint job can instantly remake a room.  Tired of white in your kitchen?  How about a bright, cheery yellow.  Maybe put a sun on your wall, or hang up some copper pans.

    Your home office would look great in a forest green or Spanish olive color.  Both are nice neutral colors that reduce distractions and make your home office an enjoyable place to work.  Your bedrooms?  How about a peaceful Adriatic blue with alternate walls painted in teal or aqua?  This would not only make your bedroom beautiful, but help you to relax at night when it is bedtime.

    And that is yet another reason a professional painter in Mesa is a good person to contact when it is time to remodel your home.  He knows how colors complement and contrast with each other.  Simply using a color wheel, for example, he can see what colors don’t go well together.  Orange and green work well for an orchard, or a corporate logo, but on individual walls they are garish.

    So, remodel your home the smart way.  Call a local painter in Mesa instead of trying it yourself.

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